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Felix Design & Engineering provides CAD services for different purposes. Whether you would like to build a 3D model of your idea to better visualize the concept or impress your customers, or if you are looking for prototyping or manufacturing your product, you have come to the right place. We can assist you and provide hi-tech mechanical design services.

Services Provided:

2D to 3D Conversion
3D Model Design
3D Models for 3D printing 3D rigging
3D Realistic Rendering
New Product Design
New Product Development
Making a 3D model from sketch
Building a 3D model from picture
Reverse engineering and many more 

Architectural Plans (2D Floor Plans)
Architectural Elevations (2D Elevations and 3D Elevations)
As builts Shop Drawings Electrical Drawings Plumbing Drawings
Architectural Renders

Graphic Design for websites
Image editing
Image Manipulation

Compared to other engineering companies, we build 3D and 2D models and drawings of outstanding quality at affordable rates. 

We guarantee the quality of our CAD services, or we will return your money!

If you would like to learn more about us please refer to our portfolio or contact us for quotes or any questions.

Nashua, NH 03064
978 604 8428
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